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About Allied Health Sciences:

Come join the ranks of one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Students graduating from the School of Allied Health Sciences are an essential piece of the healthcare puzzle. Health informatics and Health Information Management seamlessly merge clinical practices with information technology with an emphasis on strengthening patient privacy. Graduates in Cardiopulmonary Science serve as the pulse to keep people going, literally. These future respiratory therapists utilize the latest in lung and heart care. The General Health Sciences program offers numerous opportunities for employment, as well as graduate and professional school opportunities for those with a love for impacting community health and wellness.

What does Professional Development (PD) look like for Allied Health:

PD in Allied Health Sciences may vary based on the area of healthcare. Requires a skillset strong in Digital Technology, Complex Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Active Listening, Oral, and Written Communication along with the core curriculum and internship in the respective major. 

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