Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning (EL) is an umbrella term for student work and observation experiences that comes in many types including the ones listed on this page. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is focused on the student’s kinesthetic abilities.  EL opportunities come both paid and unpaid, and the opportunities vary by employer, type, and student goals.


Go to HireARattler powered by Handshake for INTERNSHIP . (All FAMU students are provided with a free account on both systems.)

Tools needed to apply:

  • Develop a Cover Letter Specific and a High-Quality Resume

  • Interview Skills Preparation (There are many types of interviews, including Behavioral-Based, Case, and Technical)

  • An Application on the Employer’s Webpage

Where to find opportunities:

  • Meet with your CPD Center Specialist

  • Career Expo and Fair

  • Campus Networking Events

  • Employer Job Boards, Handshake, and Parker Dewey

  • Faculty and Staff within your FAMU College/School

  • Networking with Alumni

  • Professional Organization Websites

  • Friends and Family

  • LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms

How to Perform During Your Experiential Learning:

  • 1. Getting Recognized
    The internship is a courtship between you and the organization. You are trying to determine if this is the best fit for you and, likewise, for the organization. Arrive early, complete projects on time, ask good questions and seek additional work once you complete your projects.
  • 2. Working Responsibly
    Focus on completing your projects by asking questions before and throughout the project. Seek assistance from peers or others on the work team to ensure you are completing the projects effectively. As an intern, you are learning, so there will be some mistakes.
  • 3. Look for Assignment to Perform
    Understand how your project contributes to the bigger picture. Also, understand the deadline for projects from the department and how your project impacts the company’s success. If you complete your project helps others to impact the company’s processes.
  • 4. Selecting a Mentor
    It is always good to identify someone in the organization who can help you understand the company culture and help you develop business etiquette.
  • 5. Communicating with Your Supervisor
    At the onset of your internship, communicate with your supervisor the days you plan to take off during the summer for vacation. Schedule regular weekly meetings to discuss projects, expectations, get feedback on your performance, and ask questions.
  • 6. Working with Peers
    It is always fun to get to know others your age at the organization. Keep the relationships positive and professional. Try to avoid dating at the workplace and partying too much after work. Watch your language and remember these are colleagues.
  • 7. Converting to Full Time
    If you are working as an intern between your junior and senior years, please make sure you step up your performance and ask about securing a full-time offer before you return to school.
  • 8. Professionalism
    Understand the culture. Learn what acceptable attire is. Always have that fresh, cleaned suit to wear if needed. Understand the difference between business casual attire and professional attire
  • 9. Articulating Your Skills Gained
    Be sure to update your resume with your experience. Speak to your friends about the skills you gained. Add this language to your elevator pitch.
  • 10. Be a Team Player
    Readily accept new assignments and help other complete their tasks as well. Communicate with diverse individuals on the team and accept others’ points of view.


Internship Grievance Policy/Process:

Florida A&M University (FAMU) is committed to engaging students in professional and safe working/learning environments. We encourage students to become familiar with any misconduct, confidentiality, and sexual harassment policies associated with the Host Site and to follow them. Students are urged to report any misconduct or sexual harassment incident against them (including physical, safety, and personnel) as soon as possible to the CPDC Director or Internship Coordinator to permit both the University and the Host Site the opportunity to promptly intervene.

Steps for students filing a Statement of Grievance:

  • Fill out a Statement of Internship Grievance form available from Career Services
  • File the form (either in person, or online as an email attachment) with Career Services
  • Follow through on all suggested interventions

Possible interventions could include:

  • Providing guidance, if necessary, to the student on how to address the Host Site
  • Contacting Florida A&M University’s legal resources for assistance in facilitating the intervention(s)
  • Contacting the student and Site Supervisor to establish a formal meeting to present the allegations
  • Removing the intern from his/her internship site if necessary. The Internship Coordinator will determine the most effective resolution regarding any academic credit impact on student
  • Referring to Florida A&M University conduct office if it is deemed that the student may have violated any FAMU Code of Conduct policies
  • The employer/student account in Handshake will be deactivated

Procedure: Once notified of internship issue, Career Services will take the following steps:

  • An email to the complainant will be sent explaining the Internship Grievance Policy and requesting completion of the Statement of Internship Grievance
  • Faculty will be notified if the internship is credit-bearing
  • All interactions during the intervention will be documented and kept on file in the Office of Career Services and proceed according to University policy.



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