TRIO is a set of programs that have been instituted among campuses across America (in over 1,000 institutions) to aid first-generation, disabled, or lower-income students with and throughout their collegiate careers. Through their provision of resources (labs, tutors, courses, counseling, etc.), TRIO programs seek to ease a student’s transition into collegiate life, and aid in increasing retention among the students served by the program.

At FAMU, we believe in equal opportunity for all students, and our Career and Professional Development Center is dedicated to helping TRIO students have a successful collegiate experience throughout undergrad as well as their transition to graduate school or a career path of choice.


Why Visit the CPD Center as a TRiO Student?

As a department specializing in ensuring our students are career-ready, we have a strong track record of having positive effects on helping students from modest-income and first-generation families matriculate through their undergraduate experience to successful careers. Our dedicated team offers academic coaching with students in our TRIO Program, one-on-one, and in small groups to provide career and college readiness support. Even after you’ve chosen a major course of study, we understand that college is a new experience for both you and your family and you might have questions concerning what career path is best for you. Our Career Center is the place to go for guidance. Career specialists at the Career and Professional Development Center can assist you in choosing a major and also in deciding on a specialization within that major. Additionally, our career specialists can also help you determine what type of work best suits your personality, skillset, and personal preferences. Once you choose a major and a career path, your career specialist can assist you in setting and meeting your career goals. This may be a new experience for you overall, however, we will ensure that it is a successful one!

How to Upload or Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile supports and enhances your job application. You can go more in-depth about your skills, abilities, and accomplishments than on your resume. And because of this, you might not see the point of adding your resume to LinkedIn.

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Are you Rattler Career Ready?

The Career and Professional Development Center provides the Career Ready Guide, by CareerSpots to give rattlers a FREE Career Ready Certification. Sponsored by Capital One, the Career Ready Guide is an online interactive course that includes 8 chapters designed to …

By Marie Smallwood
Marie Smallwood Assistant Director
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Become a Future Shaper with Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 110,000 employees worldwide, including more than 19,000 engineers and scientists, we have an …

By Marie Smallwood
Marie Smallwood Assistant Director
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New Resume Creator Platform, Hiration

The Career and Professional Development Center is happy to share its new resource, Hiration.

Hiration helps you create a resume with an AI-assistant, and it gives you instant feedback.  The system also critiques and scores your resume based on professional …

By Marie Smallwood
Marie Smallwood Assistant Director
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Vanguard IG Takeover

#LifeAVanguard participated in the Instagram Takeover for @HireARattler_

Check them out on Instagram @HireARattler!  Also, take a look at the Vanguard Virtual Tour.

Vanguard is listed on Handshake.

By Marie Smallwood
Marie Smallwood Assistant Director
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