CareerSpots is a series of professional development videos to help make a student Career Ready!


Here are a few tips to help make you Career Ready!

  • When you’re trying to figure out what career path to follow, keep an open mind, and look beyond your initial personal interests since interesting opportunities may arise if you are flexible.
  • As you start digging deeper to figure out potential job opportunities you want to pursue, it’s important to understand a company’s culture, what you want to accomplish in a job, and what the job requires from you.
  • If you are interested in a specific career, network with people who work in that field, ask questions about potential job opportunities and absorb as much insight about that industry as possible. 
  • When you are first starting out and find a job that interests you, focus less on the title and salary, and more on determining if the position is the right “fit” for you.
  • Developing career readiness skills takes time and patience. When a job opportunity presents itself, be open-minded and humble. It’s likely that you may start in an entry-level position and over time earn increasing responsibility to work your way up in the organization.
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